IAG 2021 Session & Symposium

Symposium 1: Reference Frames        Download the detailed descriptions

Organizer: Christopher Kotsakis (Greece) President Commission 1

Co-organizers: Jean-Paul Boy (France) Vice-President Commission 1

                        Urs Hugentobler (Germany) Chair Sub-Commission 1.1

                        Xavier Collilieux (France) Chair Sub-Commission 1.2

                        Carine Bruyninx (Belgium) Chair Sub-Commission 1.3

                        Zinovy Malkin (Russia) Chair Sub-Commission 1.4


    1.1: International Terrestrial Reference Frame: strengths, weaknesses and strategies for future improvements

             Convener: Xavier Collilieux (France) 

             Co-conveners:  Ryan Hippenstiel (USA), Anthony Mémin (France), Zhiping Lu (China)

    1.2: Advancements and open problems in global reference frame theory and methodology (Joint with:ICCT)

             Convener: Christopher Kotsakis (Greece) 

             Co-conveners: Mathis Blossfeld (TUM, Germany) (ICCT), Junping Chen (China)

    1.3: Terrestrial and space geodetic ties for multi-technique combinations 

             Convener: Urs Hugentobler (Germany) 

             Co-convener: Krzysztof Sośnica (Poland), Weiping Jiang (China)

    1.4: Regional reference frames and networks

             Convener: Carine Bruyninx (Belgium) 

             Co-convener: Richard Stanaway (Australia), Hu Wang (China)

    1.5: Comparison and combination of space geodesy techniques for improving consistency between TRF, CRF 

          and EOPs

             Convener: Robert Heinkelmann (Germany) 

             Co-conveners: Zinovy Malkin (Russia), Manuela Seitz (Germany), Chengli Huang (China)

    1.6:Vertical Reference Systems: methodologies, realization, and new technologies (Joint with:2a2 S5 ICCT QuGe)

             Convener: George Vergos (Greece) 

             Co-conveners: Laura Sánchez (GGOS, Germany), Christopher Kotsakis (Comm.1, Greece), 

                                  Jianliang Huang (ICCT, Canada), Jakob Flury (QuGe, Germany), Tao Jiang (China)

Symposium 2a: Earth’s Static Gravity Field     Download the detailed descriptions

Organizer: Mirko Reguzzoni (Italy) Vice President Commission 2

Co-organizers: Derek van Westrum (USA) Chair Sub-Commission 2.1

                         George Vergos (Greece) Chair Sub-Commission 2.2

                         Cheinway Hwang (China-Taipei) Chair Sub-Commission 2.4e (Asia-Pacific)

                         Roland Pail (Germany)  Past President Commission 2


    2a.1: Terrestrial, Marine and Airborne Gravimetry  (Joint with:QuGe)

                Convener: Derek van Westrum (USA) 

                Co-conveners: Hartmut Wziontek (Germany), Michel van Camp (QuGe, Belgium), Shuqing Wu (China)

    2a.2: Vertical Reference Systems: methodologies, realization, and new technologies (Joint with:1.6 S5 ICCT QuGe)

                Convener: George Vergos (Greece) 

                Co-conveners: Laura Sánchez (GGOS, Germany), Christopher Kotsakis (Comm.1,Greece),

                                      Jianliang Huang (ICCT, Canada), Jakob Flury (QuGe, Germany), Tao Jiang (China)

    2a.3: Local and Regional Geoid and Gravity Modelling 

                Convener: Cheinway Hwang (China-Taipei) 

               Co-conveners: Hussein Abd-Elmotaal (Egypt), Wenbin Shen (China)

    2a.4: Global Gravity Field Modelling

               Convener: Roland Pail (Germany) 

               Co-convener: Daniel Barnes (USA), Xinyu Xu (China) 

    2a.5: Satellite Altimetry and Oceanography  (Joint with: 2b.4  ICCC)

               Convener: Xiaoli Deng (Australia) 

               Co-convener: Zizhan Zhang (China)

    2a.6: Gravity Inversion for Solid Earth  (Joint with: 2b.5 ICCT)

                Convener: Mirko Reguzzoni (Italy)

                Co-conveners: Robert Tenzer (ICCT, Hong Kong, China), Srinivas Bettadpur (S2b. USA), Wenke Sun (China)

    2a.7: Topography and Bathymetry Gravity Modelling  (Joint with: ICCT)

                Convener: René Forsberg (Denmark)‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

                Co-convener: Sten Claessens (Australia), Baogui Ke (China)

Symposium 2b: Earth’s Time-variable Gravity Field        Download the detailed descriptions

Organizer: Adrian Jäggi (Switzerland) President Commission 2

Co-organizers: Frank Flechtner (Germany) Chair Sub-Commission 2.3

                        Wei Feng (China) Chair Sub-Commission 2.6

                        Srinivas Bettadpur (USA) Organizer of GGHS 2020 (resp. GGHS 2022)


      2b.1: Analysis Techniques

                  Convener: Adrian Jäggi (Switzerland)

                  Co-convener: Andreas Kvas (Austria), Yunzhong Shen (China)

      2b.2: Spaceborne and terrestrial gravimetry for hydrology (Joint with: ICCC)

                  Convener: Wei Feng (China) 

                  Co-convener: Nico Sneeuw (Germany)

      2b.3: Cryospheric changes from gravity data  (Joint with: ICCC)

                  Convener: Andreas Groh (Germany) 

                  Co-conveners: Isabella Velicogna (USA), Bert Wouters (The Netherlands), Jiangjun Ran (China)

      2b.4: Satellite Altimetry and Oceanography   (Joint with: 2a.5  ICCC)

                  Convener: Xiaoli Deng (Australia) 

                  Co-convener: Zizhan Zhang (China)

      2b.5: Gravity Inversion for Solid Earth     (Joint with: 2a.6  ICCT)

                 Convener: Mirko Reguzzoni (Italy)

                Co-conveners: Robert Tenzer (ICCT, Hong Kong, China), Srinivas Bettadpur (S2b. USA), Wenke Sun (China)

      2b.6: Future Gravity Mission Concepts  (Joint with: QuGe)

                  Convener: Frank Flechtner (Germany)

                  Co-conveners: Wei Feng (China), Matthias Weigelt (Germany)

Symposium 3:  Earth Rotation and Geodynamics        Download the detailed descriptions

Organizer: Janusz Bogusz    President of Commission 3


      IAG Commission 3 with International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior (IASPEI), 

      International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI), 

      International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS), and International Astronomical Union (IAU)


        3.1: Earth rotation, low-degree gravitational change and mass transport in geophysical fluids (Joint with: ICCC)

                  Convener: Jianli Chen (USA)

                  Co-conveners: José Ferrándiz (Spain), Richard Gross (USA), Michael Schindelegger  (Germany). 

                                          Henryk Dobslaw (Germany),Jin Li (China)

        3.2: Observations and modeling of deformation related to changing ice loads

                  Convener: Jeff Freymueller (USA),Hansheng Wang (China)

                 Co-Conveners: Natalya Gomez (Canada), Erik R. Ivins (USA), Rebbeka Steffen (Sweden), 

                                         Bert Wouters (Netherlands)

        3.3: Geodetic observations in volcanic and tectonically active areas (Joint with: 6.3)

                   Convener: Alessandro Bonforte (Italy)

                  Co-Conveners: Emily Montgomery-Brown (USA), Takuya Nishimura (Japan),

                                         Jean-Mathieu Nocquet (France),Chengli Huang (China)

Symposium 4: Positioning and applications        Download the detailed descriptions

Organizer: Allison Kealy President of Commission 4

Co-organizer: Vassilis Gikas Vice-president of Commission 4


        4.1: Geodetic Remote Sensing  (Joint with: ICCC)

                    Convener: Michael Schmidt (Germany)

                    Co-Conveners: Ehsan Forootan (Denmark), Ningbo Wang (China), Rosa Pacione (Italy)

        4.2: Next Generation Positioning
                    Convener: Laura Ruotsalainen (Finland),  Jian Wang (China)

                    Co-Convener: Guenther Retscher (Austria)

        4.3: Techniques and Applications in High Precision GNSS

                    Convener: Pawel Wielgosz (Poland), Xiaoming Wang (China)

                    Co-Convener: Suelynn Choy (Australia)

Symposium 5:         Download the detailed descriptions

Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS): the metrological basis for the monitoring of the System Earth

Organizer: Basara Miyahara President of GGOS

Co-organizers: Mike Pearlman, Detlef Angermann, Laura Sánchez


        5.1: Geodetic infrastructure for Earth System Monitoring

                    Convener: Michael Pearlman (USA)

                    Co-Conveners: Jian Li (China), Toshimichi Otsubo (Japan)

        5.2: Gravity observations and networks in the framework of GGOS (Joint with: 2a.1 2b.6 QuGe)

                    Convener: Riccardo Barzaghi (Italy)

                    Co-Convener: Shuanggen Jin (China), Hartmut Wziontek (Germany), Jürgen Müller(Germany)
        5.3: Standardized geodetic products for a reliable System Earth observation

                    Convener: Detlef Angermann (Germany)

                    Co-Conveners: Kosuke Heki (Japan), Zhicai Li (China)

        5.4: Geodetic space weather research

                    Convener: Michael Schmidt (Germany)

                    Co-Conveners: Ehsan Forootan (Denmark), Changhui Xu (China)

        5.5: Assimilation of geodetic observations in the modelling of the Atmosphere, Cryosphere and Hydrosphere

 (Joint with: ICCC)

                    Convener: Jianli Chen (USA)

                    Co-Conveners: Zhenghui Xie (China), Di Long (China), Mehdi Khaki (UK)

        5.6: Geodesy contributions to address societal challenges (Joint with: 5.7)

                    Convener: Basara Miyahara (Japan)

                    Co-Conveners: Yamin Dang (China), Nicholas Brown (Australia)

       5.7 : Advances in Geodesy for Geohazard Monitoring and Disaster Risk Reduction [joint session with ICCC] 

                    Convener: Allison Craddock (USA)

                    Co-Conveners: Balaji Devaraju (India) , Chuang Shi (China), Jianghui Geng (China)

Symposium 6: ICC symposium          Download the detailed descriptions

Organizers: ICC presidents: Pavel Novák, Annette Eicker, YY Yang, Jürgen Müller


        6.1: ICCT Geodetic Theory

                    Convener: Pavel Novák (Czech Republic), Xiaoyun Wan (China)

                    Co-Convener: Mattia Crespi (Italy)

        6.2: ICCC Geodesy for Climate Research

                    Convener: Annette Eicker (Germany)

                    Co-Conveners: Carmen Böning (USA), Wei Feng (China), Marcelo Santos (Canada)

        6.3: ICCM Seafloor geodesy, marine positioning and undersea navigation

                    Convener: YY Yang (China) 

                    Co-Convener: Heidrun Kopp (Germany) 

        6.4: QuGe Novel Sensors and Quantum Technology for Geodesy

                 Convener: Jürgen Müller (Germany)

                Co-Conveners: Jakob Flury (Germany), Michel van Camp (Belgium), Bob Spero (USA), Wenbin Shen (China)

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Congress has ended


Congress has ended