How to Join the Virtual Platform and Panel Discussion

Zoom Webinar

The Assembly will take place virtually on Zoom. 

All registered participants can join via zoom webinar, You can find the link and passcode, by login your account, and click on the “Virtual Platform in the left-hand navigation bar that will be show in your personal center 3 days before the Assembly.

For oral/poster presenters and chairs, you will find a unique link in your personal center "Virtual platform" to join the zoom webinar as a panelist.

Follow the link below to read more details on how to access the Zoom webinar.

Click here for guidelines to join Zoom webinar as panelist

Click here for guidelines on how to join Zoom Webinar as an attendee

Live Video Streaming
All registered participants also can follow the proceedings in real time with live video streaming platform.

You can find this link by login your account, and click on the " Watch Live online" in the left-hand navigation bar.

This is an integrated system to which all sessions of parallel channels in Zoom webinars will be live-streamed. All channels for each day can be shown on the platform page. Audience can switch the channel on the page without drop out. Thus it offers an easy alternative means for delegates who have registered the assembly to follow the proceedings in real time. 

However, the live discussion (Q&A) is not supported on this platform. 

Videos on-demand
All registered participants if you could not attend in real time, you can still access videos on-demand, this link can be found by login your account, and click on the "Videos on-demand"  in the left-hand navigation bar.

Note: Videos on-demand will be released after the assembly.

Live Discussion 
In order to maintain the interactive nature of the conference, there will be a live discussion followed by the oral and poster presentation. 

1. Zoom Q&A window (oral and poster)
In the first part of the discussion, attendees will be able to submit their questions by writing via the Zoom Q&A window whilst they view the presentation. The chair will decide which questions will be discussed at the end of all presentations. Speakers will type out the answer or answer the questions using the audio.

2. Raise hand (Zoom webinar)——For oral sessions only
In the latter part of the discussion, to enhance interaction, the Chair could prompt attendees to raise their hand for questions. When the Chair announces the attendee’s name to give the floor, their microphone will be unmuted by host. 

** Due to the large number of posters to be displayed,  attendees only to submit their questions by written via the Zoom Q&A window, the chair will choose and read the questions and the authors can answer by speaking.

For more information on how to use Zoom Q&A please follow the link above-mentioned (join Zoom webinar as panelist and join Zoom Webinar as an attendee)

Discussion Board (asynchronous content)
Continue the conversation after the sessions using the ‘Discussion Board’ with participants.
It is an integral part of the online programme of the IAG 2021 official website, and will remain open for all participants to post messages until the assembly is concluded.
Login required before posting a comment.

** Post a message under the session using the “Discussion” button. Please note that it may take a while for speakers to answer all questions. 

How to use “Discussion Board”

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Congress has ended


Congress has ended